Friday 25 August 2017

Go 1.9 Released

Go 1.9 was released yesterday. Release notes are available here.

This release has couple of useful changes in addition to the introduction of type aliases.

  1. ./... no longer matches vendor directories. This means that running go test ./... or say go lint ./... from the top level of your repo in order to run on all your packages no longer annoyingly matches your vendored dependencies. Previously one would be forced to run 'go test $(go list ./... | grep -v /vendor/)', and now one can simply run 'go test ./...'. Wooo!

  2. go vet and go tool vet now support all of each other's build flags. This is a welcome change that provides some uniformity in their usage, as although go tool vet was designed for linting by package and go vet for linting by files, as mentioned in a previous post certain flags such as -shadow were not available in 'go vet'.

Congrats to the go team on another successful release!

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